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Return to Rome: Our Loyal Guests Tell Us What Keeps Bringing Them Back

We think Rome is pretty much the coolest city in the world, but don’t just take our word for it! Our loyal guests Agnethe and her husband, Jan, from NorwayRead More

3 May 2017

City of Rome

Rome Vacation Apartment Makeover: AP01 Giulia

Past guests of our Via Giulia vacation rental will hardly recognize it after our recent apartment makeover. So what’s new? Well, how about a whole new bedroom; a larger, more functional open kitchen; loadsRead More

2 May 2017

City of Rome, Roma città, Rome Accommodation, tourist guides, what to do

Vacation Apartment Highlight: AP02 Testaccio

Sneak off for a weekend getaway to Rome and stay in Testaccio, one of the coolest hidden treasures of the city. What is now the Testaccio neighborhood in ancient RomeRead More

2 May 2017

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Plan your Ultimate Wedding in Rome

A destination wedding in Rome is pure magic. Imagine your wedding with the backdrop of a city with a 2,000-year history as important as Rome. The options are endless. ForRead More

10 April 2017

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Experience Rome like an Expat

It’s not hard to let the beauty, culture, and cuisine of Rome catch you and keep you here forever as an expat. Many members of the staff at Rome Accommodation –Read More

5 April 2017

Art and Culture, City of Rome, Rome Guide, Tourism, what to do, what to see

Ostia Antica: A Day Trip to Rome’s Ancient Seaside Port City

Ostia Antica is likely Rome’s most missed and undervalued site by tourists visiting the city. Easily reached by the local train in just 25 minutes from the Piramide metro stationRead More

28 March 2017

City of Rome, Public Transport, Rome Guide

Conquering ATAC: A Guide to Rome’s Public Transportation Network

The historic center of Rome is very walkable, but public transportation makes getting from one end of the city to the other much easier. ATAC, Azienda per i Trasporti Autoferrotranviari delRead More

13 March 2017

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Romics 2017: The Best of Italian Cosplay returns to Rome

Rome’s “Nuova Fiera di Roma” opens its doors April 6-9 for the 21st edition of Romics 2017, one of Italy’s biggest cosplay expos. Fans of comics, video games, and animeRead More

8 March 2017

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Vacation Apartment Highlight: AP27 Baullari III

If you’re looking for your own corner of Rome to accommodate all your family and friends, Baullari III’s 6 bedrooms and 3 baths is big enough to host an army butRead More

27 February 2017