Summer in Rome

Spring in Rome, Summer in Rome

Our 10 Favorite Terraces in Rome for 2019

 The city of Rome is built on a landscape of 7 famous hills. This hilly landscape has created plenty of spots for mesmerizing panoramic views featuring roofscapes, piazzas, and worldRead More

20 April 2019

Summer in Rome

Ed Sheeran in Rome, and Other Live Concerts

June 16, 2019 Ed Sheeran returns to Rome this summer during his worldwide tour, making three stops in Italy: Florence, Rome and Milan. But that’s not all that’s going onRead More

20 March 2019

Summer in Rome

5 Rome Nightlife Events this Summer 2018

Hot days give way to warm, comfortable nights in Rome. It’s the perfect kind of weather to relieve the air conditioned comforts of your vacation home for the streets allRead More

27 July 2018

Summer in Rome

A Walking Tour of Rome by Discovering its Obelisks [Map]

If you’re curious whether Rome is a “walkable” city or not, it really depends on who you ask. Especially under the heat of a Roman summer. The hard, basalt cobblestonesRead More

5 July 2018

Summer in Rome

Ferragosto in Rome

The month of August marks a drastic change in cities across the Italian peninsula as Italians take respite in cooler destinations and celebrate Ferragosto on August 15th of each year.Read More

28 June 2018

Summer in Rome

5 Outdoor Theaters to Enjoy in Rome this Summer

The heat of the long summer days in Rome make for pleasant evenings to venture out and enjoy a show or spectacle in one of Rome’s outdoor theaters. But theseRead More

20 June 2018

Summer in Rome

Ferragosto in Rome – how it will affect your vacation

“Ferragosto”, from the latin Feriae Augusti (meaning “Augusts’ rest” after the emperor who instated the holiday in 18 BC) has a long history of being a period for relaxation. August 15thRead More

1 July 2017

Summer in Rome

Events during Ferragosto in Rome

You may have heard that Rome is deserted in August. It’s true. August is traditionally the hottest month in Rome which has made it the time many Romans escape theRead More

8 July 2016

Summer in Rome

Celebrate the Fourth of July in Rome

If you’re an American visiting Rome the first week of July, it’s a particularly interesting city to celebrate the 4th of July. Modern Italians love the United States and ifRead More

1 July 2016