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Summer in Rome

Summer in Rome
Jonathon - 6 July 2019
This summer Rome is Art-City!
The city of Rome manages dozens of its most famous museums which this summer are all participating in an organic, city-wide cultural initiative: Art-City. The three-month long event (June – August) boasts special exhibitions and activities spread out all over the Italian capital and lazio, featuring interesting discussions on art, architecture, music, theater, dance, and […]
Summer in Rome
Jonathon - 17 June 2019
Amusement Parks in Rome
If you’re traveling with children, it’s likely that there is only so much “museum-time” they’ll give you. And that’s ok. We understand that a good family vacation is understanding the balance between adult-centered activities and child-centered activities. But that doesn’t have to mean that “child-centered” activities have to be boring for adults. Did you know […]
Summer in Rome
Jonathon - 6 June 2019
The Circus Maximus Rebuilt before your eyes: the Circo Maximo Experience
The Circus Maximus (Circo Massimo in Italian) was a chariot racing stadium from Ancient Rome. Originally built in the 6th century BC, it was the largest stadium used for public events and served as a model for other stadiums constructed throughout the Ancient Roman Empire. The stadium was constructed in the valley between the Aventine […]
Spring in Rome
Jonathon - 20 April 2019
Our 10 Favorite Terraces in Rome for 2019
 The city of Rome is built on a landscape of 7 famous hills. This hilly landscape has created plenty of spots for mesmerizing panoramic views featuring roofscapes, piazzas, and world famous monuments. And quite frankly, nothing says springtime or summer in Rome than a delicious lunch, dinner, or aperitivo overlooking the city. We’ve made a […]
Summer in Rome
Jonathon - 20 March 2019
Ed Sheeran in Rome, and Other Live Concerts
June 16, 2019 Ed Sheeran returns to Rome this summer during his worldwide tour, making three stops in Italy: Florence, Rome and Milan. But that’s not all that’s going on this summer! Check out all the other live concerts in Rome this summer. Ed Sheeran in Rome: Where + When The Ed Sheeran concert in […]
Summer in Rome
Jonathon - 27 July 2018
5 Rome Nightlife Events this Summer 2018
Hot days give way to warm, comfortable nights in Rome. It’s the perfect kind of weather to relieve the air conditioned comforts of your vacation home for the streets all a-buzz with Rome nightlife. For this reason, you can find plenty of things to do during the twilight hours in the Eternal City. From outdoor […]
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