What to do in Winter

What to do in Winter

Celebrating Carnival in Rome

The history of Carnival in Rome is a long one, rivaling the Venetian Carnival today. Carnival represents the 8-11 days or so leading up to Mardi Gras (Martedì Grasso inRead More

25 January 2019

What to do in Winter

A spot of tea on a brisk day: Afternoon Tea in Rome

Fancy a cup of tea to warm up in Rome this chilly season? Rome may not be known as a tea capital in Europe and tea time may not beRead More

6 December 2018

What to do in Winter

Christmas in Trastevere

The holiday spirit in Rome is a cheerful one – all streets, from the palace-lined to the nooks and crannies are usually donned with twinkling garlands, boughs and bows ofRead More

16 November 2018

What to do in Winter

Rugby in Rome: Six Nations Rugby League

For six nations – England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland, and Wales – rugby is serious business. For avid rugby fans and novices alike the Rome-based matches are lively athletic eventsRead More

26 October 2018

What to do in Winter

Experience Roman Opera Music this Easter in Rome

This year Easter Sunday falls on April 1, 2018. And as you might expect Rome is a busy place during this time, not only for religious reasons but also becauseRead More

15 March 2018

What to do in Winter

Rome Easter: Your Questions Answered

Easter is one of the biggest holidays in Rome. Since Easter is one of the most important holidays in the Catholic faith it draws visitors from every corner of theRead More

2 February 2018

What to do in Winter

Christmas in Rome | Guide by Rome Accommodation

Have a sweet tooth? Are you a shopaholic? Looking to experience the holiday spirit during Christmas in Rome? Rome Accommodation has you covered! Below are some of the posts we’veRead More

4 November 2017

What to do in Winter

The Perfect Home for Rugby Fans in Rome

For rugby fans visiting Rome in February, seeing a live match at Stadio Olimpico is a real treat. The historic stadium located in the northwest corner of Rome in the so-called ForoRead More

11 January 2017

Christmas, What to do in Winter

How to Celebrate La Befana in Rome

You’ll want to wake up early on January 6th for the Italian holiday La Befana to see what she’s left you. The fairytale of La Befana tells of the 3 wise men whoRead More

4 January 2017