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The center of Rome stretches over several neighborhoods, each with a  different charm, style, and, of course, things to see and do. To help you navigate through the huge amount of restaurants, sights, bars, farmacies and anything else you may need during your stay we’ve created area guides for each neighborhood in the center of Rome – the Spanish Steps, Monti near the Colosseo, the Vatican area, Navona, Trastevere or Testaccio. For a central accommodation in Rome take a look at our vacation homes in the heart of Rome!

Tourist Guides
Jonathon - 21 November 2019
Rome in December: What To Do and What To Expect
A winter holiday in Rome is always a good idea. Visiting the Eternal City just before the holidays is one of the magical things about visiting Europe this time of year. The streets are decorated with holiday decorations, shop windows are dressed to the nines, and there’s just nothing quite like settling in for an […]
Tourist Guides
Jonathon - 14 November 2019
Where to get a haircut in Rome
Looking to get all gussied up for a night out or some holiday parties while you’re in Rome? Here’s our list of our favorite places to get our hair cut or blown out in Rome. Useful words to know when getting a haircut or going to a salon Before heading out to get a haircut […]
Tourist Guides
Jonathon - 12 October 2019
Rome in November: What To Do and What To Expect
Let’s be honest, there’s no bad time to visit Rome. Regardless of the weather, the Colosseum will still leave you in awe, the Trevi Fountain will still pour over the sparkling white marble, and the Spanish Steps will still provide for the most glamorous ascent or descent the city has to offer. But in terms […]
Tourist Guides
Jonathon - 28 August 2019
12 Films To Watch Before Visiting Rome
Movie buffs and novices alike should watch these 12 films before visiting the Eternal City for the first or 20th time. Italian cinema, and those filmed in Rome in particular, have been a staple on the international film scene for over half of a century. The films of the 1950s and 1960s helped shape the […]
Tourist Guides
Jonathon - 22 August 2019
Day Trip from Rome: Visit the town of Orvieto
Orvieto is a charming medieval town perched atop a stone plateau a mere hour or so by train from Rome. For a story-filled day trip from Rome Orvieto makes for the perfect destination. Enjoy a glass of Umbrian wine with a plate of steaming pasta and truffles before setting out to explore some of the […]
Tourist Guides
Jonathon - 27 June 2019
A Guide to Bookstores in Rome
Books are one thing that seem to make it on everyone’s vacation list. So whether you’re a book worm looking to get your hands on your next literary escape, or you’d like to bring a beautiful coffee table book home with you, we’ve put together a list of our favorite bookstores in Rome. Almost Corner […]
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