The center of Rome stretches over several neighborhoods, each with a  different charm, style, and, of course, things to see and do. To help you navigate through the huge amount of restaurants, sights, bars, farmacies and anything else you may need during your stay we’ve created area guides for each neighborhood in the center of Rome – the Spanish Steps, Monti near the Colosseo, the Vatican area, Navona, Trastevere or Testaccio. For a central accommodation in Rome take a look at our vacation homes in the heart of Rome!

Tourist Guides

Tourist Guides

Tips for Taking Trains from Rome around Italy

If you’re planning to travel around Italy, trains are generally the fastest and simplest way to get around…at least through the northern part of the country. The European rail systemsRead More

10 October 2018

Tourist Guides, where to eat

Avoiding Tourist Prices Infographic

Curious if you’re paying tourist prices? Use our handy guide below for real prices vs. tourist prices for some of the most common items in Rome! Were you curious about the local pricesRead More

4 June 2017

Tourist Guides

Plan your Ultimate Wedding in Rome

A destination wedding in Rome is pure magic. Imagine your wedding with the backdrop of a city with a 2,000-year history as important as Rome. The options are endless. ForRead More

10 April 2017

Tourist Guides

Conquering ATAC: A Guide to Rome’s Public Transportation Network

The historic center of Rome is very walkable, but public transportation makes getting from one end of the city to the other much easier. ATAC, Azienda per i Trasporti Autoferrotranviari delRead More

13 March 2017

Tourist Guides, where to eat

How much should it cost? Avoiding Tourist Prices in Rome

Tourists tend to stick out from the crowd, and unfortunately Rome isn’t immune to the frustrating tourist prices like other popular destinations. But chances are you’re looking for a wayRead More

20 February 2017