Rome offers an endless variety of entertainment offers for every taste and budget. For all sports enthusiasts there are several events dedicated to tennis, equestrian sports, or marathons that will let you see the alleys and streets of the capital in a different light.

For those who enjoy music, concerts or theatrical performances, or who like to see films in their original language there is an abundance of opportunities. For any activity you choose, we can suggest you to stay in one of our apartments, among the best accommodations Rome has to offer!

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what to do

what to do

The New Ticket to the Colosseum Opens Even More Doors

In November 2019, the entrance fee to the Colosseum increased from €12 to €16. The integrated ticket provides 24 hour access (previously it was valid for 2 days) to theRead More

18 December 2019

what to do, What to do in Winter

5 Exhibits in Rome that are Not-To-Miss this Winter

Visiting Rome in the winter means a lot of things, among them: lightweight, puffy winter coats become the fashion norm; an umbrella becomes a purse staple; and it’s culturally acceptableRead More

10 December 2019

what to do

Your Guide to Visit the Galleria Borghese in Rome

Tucked away in the expansive Villa Borghese park just north of Rome’s historic center, the Galleria Borghese represents one of the most art-rich galleries in the city. It houses theRead More

21 October 2019

what to do

Rome’s Comedy Club: Jokes in English, Laughter Guaranteed!

If you’ve ever wondered what the experience of moving to Rome is like for an expat, then maybe one of the most informative (and certainly the most entertaining) ways isRead More

25 September 2019

what to do

What to see and do in Rome’s Ostiense Neighborhood

Rome’s Ostiense neighborhood is located in the south part of the city, between Testaccio and Garbatella. The neighborhood is also delineated by the Porta San Paolo, a 3rd-century gate inRead More

20 September 2019

what to do

Twilight Activities in the Eternal City: 6 Things to do at night this summer in Rome

Hot summer days make for sweet summer nights in Rome. While you’re escaping the heat by ducking into churches, air conditioned restaurants, and all the shade in site, during theRead More

22 July 2019

Spring in Rome, what to do

June 2nd is Republic Day in Rome

Italian Republic Day is June 2nd every year, and the day is marked by a proud show of green, white, and red especially in the country’s capital city. Known asRead More

20 May 2019

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Looking for Contemporary Architecture in Rome? 6 Spots to get your Fix.

What makes Rome so beautiful from an architectural perspective is all the layers. There are so many of them. Any building in the center of the city can show tracesRead More

12 February 2019

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8 Places to visit that will make you say “This could only exist in Rome!”

Even for the avid Rome traveler, there are unique places that will make you say “Only in Rome!”. From bizarre museums to architectural optical illusions to a Pope that’s buriedRead More

14 January 2019