Rome is a bustling city full of history, culture and entertainment all around you.

When planning a vacation in Rome it can be difficult limiting yourself to what’s really essential for you to see while looking at all the museums, archeological sites and natural attractions.  We’ve sorted through the jungle of information on- and offline for you, so you can find all the important information at first glance.

Where to get the tickets for the Coliseum or how to skip the line at the Vatican Museums to see famous paintings, sculptures and the Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo – we’ll tell you! Accommodations in Rome near the most important sights or strategically located in the center, take a look at our Holiday rentals in Rome!

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what to see

what to see

Rome Itinerary: Travel through all “3 Romes” in a Day

In its vast 2,000 year history, the city of Rome has been transformed over and over again. Three distinct historical periods make up what are known as the “3 Romes”: AncientRead More

22 May 2017

what to see

Ostia Antica: A Day Trip to Rome’s Ancient Seaside Port City

Ostia Antica is likely Rome’s most missed and undervalued site by tourists visiting the city. Easily reached by the local train in just 25 minutes from the Piramide metro stationRead More

28 March 2017

what to see

The Top 10 Most Romantic Spots in Rome

Our Top 10 Most Romantic Spots in Rome, just in time for Valentine’s Day! Whether you’re looking for a spot for lunch, to snap a selfie, or to pop theRead More

11 February 2017

what to see

Rome Itinerary: 3 Days of Art and Architecture

3 days in Rome for the lover of art and architecture in everyone. The city’s enduring history has left traces as an architectural palimpsest which makes up a curious urban landscape. Ancient ruins lay atRead More

23 January 2017

what to see

Spanish Steps Reopen in Rome with a bang

One of Rome’s most iconic monuments gets a bright new facelift. After an extensive 18-month restoration effort paid for by Roman luxury jeweler Bulgari, the majestic Spanish Steps in Piazza di Spagna reopenedRead More

24 September 2016

what to see

10 Lesser-Known Monuments near Testaccio in Rome

Let’s face it. The Testaccio neighborhood in Rome is already one of the lesser-known parts of the city for tourists. But that’s all changing. For centuries the triangular-shaped zone wasRead More

18 August 2016