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Christmas Decorations in Rome

If you’re staying in a vacation apartment in Rome over Christmas and looking to cheer up the place with some Christmas decorations, you’ve come to the right place!

You won’t find a Target in Rome or any kind of one-stop-shop, but even better you’ll get to experience shopping in Rome like a local. If you’re looking for a real tree or natural garlands, you’ll need to head to a florist (vivaio). Need gift wrap? There are plenty of cartolerie in the center with beautiful handmade papers. For something a bit less expensive, the Dutch company, Tiger, will have several of your holiday needs. From ornaments to candles, wrapping paper and bows.

Christmas Decorations in Rome

Where to buy a Christmas Tree in Rome

First question, real or fake? If you’re looking for a real Christmas tree (because let’s be real, nothing smells like Christmas than a real Christmas tree), you won’t find any tree farms anywhere around. Instead you’ll head to the nearest florist! Campo de’ Fiori has 3 great florists at the far end of the piazza near the antico forno. Ask for Pippo, the florist in the middle of the three, and he’ll get you set up with a fabulous live Christmas tree. He can even assist with organizing transport of the tree right to your door!

Pippo can get you set up with natural garlands and a festive live centerpiece for your holiday table as well!.

If allergies or some other reason prevent you from getting a real tree, you can purchase an artificial tree at a store like Tiger (multiple locations, check or DOM (Via Aracoeli, 6,

Christmas Decorations in Rome

Christmas Tree Ornaments

Now you’ve got your tree, so you’re ready for the trimming! If you’re looking for the traditional glass ball ornaments, you can easily find these kind of ornaments at Tiger or DOM. But why not take the opportunity to even make your own ornaments? Head to your nearest outdoor market and pick up festive holiday fruit like clementines and oranges, and then take a few notes from Martha Stewart and get crafty with the family. Make dried fruit ornaments to decorate your tree!

Another alternative is to head to any of Rome’s Christmas Markets. Don’t expect the Christmas markets of northern Italy and Europe. Sadly Rome’s Christmas markets have diminished severely in recent years. But the Christmas Markets of Piazza Navona and Piazza San Giovanni in Laterano will still be held, albeit smaller than before.

Christmas Decorations in Rome

Wrapping Paper, Bows and Gift Bags

You’ll find a selection of commercial wrapping paper, bows and gift bags at all locations of Tiger and DOM as well. For something extra special, check out a traditional cartoleria like Il Papiro (multiple locations, check which offer fabulous handmade papers. You can also find great holiday cards and gifts like pens, leather bags, and stationary here.

Christmas Gift Shopping Guide in Rome

We wrote a blog post a while back on where to go Christmas Shopping in Rome. Check out this blog post for the best shopping areas, malls, and even personal shopping services.

Still looking for an apartment to put up all your Christmas decorations this year?

Rome Accommodation offers over 40 vacation rentals in the center of Rome for families up to 14 guests. Filter your preferences, search by neighborhood and check availability and rates directly at!

Looking for more Christmas decorations in Rome this holiday season? Share your questions below in the comments section!

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