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Summer in Rome

Ferragosto in Rome – how it will affect your vacation

“Ferragosto”, from the latin Feriae Augusti (meaning “Augusts’ rest” after the emperor who instated the holiday in 18 BC) has a long history of being a period for relaxation. August 15thRead More

1 July 2017

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Festa de’ Noantri: an ancient tradition in Trastevere

The charming streets of Trastevere come alive during the Festa de’ Noantri, an ancient tradition dating back to 1535. As the legend goes, after a terrible storm some local fishermanRead More

30 June 2017

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Frosty Treats in Rome

Nothing pairs better with the views of the Pantheon, Colosseum, or Trevi Fountain like a frosty treat served in a cup, cone or on a stick! Cool off this summerRead More

20 June 2017

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Rome Vacation Apartment Makeover: AP12 Farnese

A fresh coat of paint, new furniture and furnishings but the same fabulous location: our Farnese apartment welcomes you to the Eternal City in style. If you’re traveling to RomeRead More

16 June 2017

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Avoiding Tourist Prices Infographic

Curious if you’re paying tourist prices? Use our handy guide below for real prices vs. tourist prices for some of the most common items in Rome! Were you curious about the local pricesRead More

4 June 2017

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5 Tips for Happy Kids in Rome

What does it take to keep your kids happy in Rome? The Eternal City can be a tiring place for little ones, whether it’s an itinerary that’s more adapted toRead More

30 May 2017

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Welcoming Trastevere Apartment “Gianicolo” to the Rome Accommodation Family!

Our newest “Gianicolo” vacation rental in Trastevere offers visitors in Rome everything they’ll need to live like a real Roman for a few days. Multiple bedrooms for increased privacy? Check.Read More

24 May 2017

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Rome Itinerary: Travel through all “3 Romes” in a Day

In its vast 2,000 year history, the city of Rome has been transformed over and over again. Three distinct historical periods make up what are known as the “3 Romes”: AncientRead More

22 May 2017

Spring in Rome

Internazionali BNL di Tennis in Rome: May 10 – 21, 2017

Hosted on the clay courts of the historic Foro Italico in the northwest corner of Rome, Italy’s International Tennis Open is one of the most anticipated sports events in the city. TopRead More

8 May 2017