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Spring in Rome, Summer in Rome

Our 10 Favorite Terraces in Rome for 2019

 The city of Rome is built on a landscape of 7 famous hills. This hilly landscape has created plenty of spots for mesmerizing panoramic views featuring roofscapes, piazzas, and worldRead More

20 April 2019

Spring in Rome

12 Ways to celebrate Mom in Rome for Mother’s Day 2019

Sunday May 12, 2019 is Mother’s Day across the world, and endearing spouses, children, family and friends will be celebrating mom’s everywhere. So to celebrate, we put together 12 waysRead More

11 April 2019

City of Rome

Visit Rome’s Botanical Garden – Orto Botanico “La Sapienza”

Rome’s Botanical Garden has been officially recognized as an urban garden open to the public since 1883. The gardens span 12 hectares (nearly 30 acres) of lush and exotic vegetationRead More

6 April 2019

Spring in Rome

Roman Easter Traditions

Easter, or Pasqua, is one of the biggest holidays of the year for Romans since its origins are so deeply rooted in the Roman Catholic Church. If you’re looking for moreRead More

22 March 2019

Summer in Rome

Ed Sheeran in Rome, and Other Live Concerts

June 16, 2019 Ed Sheeran returns to Rome this summer during his worldwide tour, making three stops in Italy: Florence, Rome and Milan. But that’s not all that’s going onRead More

20 March 2019

Press Release

A New Vacation Rental for Families in Rome

We developed the Dolce Family vacation apartment – a modern vacation rental down the street from the Spanish Steps  and designed especially for families visiting Rome with children – aRead More

16 March 2019

Spring in Rome

Support Sustainability in Rome with Formula E

Have a need for speed? The Formula E returns to the streets of the EUR in south Rome for an adrenaline pumping, high speed, all-electric car race. Since 2011 FormulaRead More

11 March 2019

where to eat

Our 7 Favorite Restaurants near Trastevere

The neighborhood of Trastevere (which comes from the Italian for “across the Tiber River”) is a charming part of the city, characterized by narrow, winding streets, small, local bars andRead More

26 February 2019

Tourist Guides

Driving from Rome to Florence on the A1 Highway – Where to Stop Along the Way

The highway that connects Rome to Florence – the A1 Autostrada – is a convenient ribbon of well-maintained, toll road. The full extent of the highway connects Milan with Naples, andRead More

20 February 2019