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Public Transport
Post by our Guests - 17 September 2019
Driving in Rome: Limited Traffic Zones (ZTL) Hours and Information

Post updated April 16, 2017 The center of Rome is full of ZTL zones (zona traffic limitato – limited traffic zone) which means it’s inaccessible to private cars. Only taxis, vehicles with disability placards, and residents who live or work in the area have access to enter ZTL areas in the center of Rome’s historic center. Here we’ll go over […]

Summer in Rome
Post by our Guests - 1 July 2017
Ferragosto in Rome – how it will affect your vacation

“Ferragosto”, from the latin Feriae Augusti (meaning “Augusts’ rest” after the emperor who instated the holiday in 18 BC) has a long history of being a period for relaxation. August 15th marks the actual holiday, but in most recent decades it signals the beginning of the Italian vacation period where most businesses close allowing families to […]

Rome Accommodation
Post by our Guests - 2 February 2015
Explore the New Rome Accommodation Website!

I know, I know. We’ve been away way too long, but I promise that we’ve all been working really hard on a super important project… our new website! We designed the site to be more user friendly for fast and efficient searches. We updated the graphics to be more modern and sleek, offering simpler and more intuitive usibility and […]

Post by our Guests - 12 December 2014
Christmas is coming and Rome Accommodation is getting ready!

It’s hard to believe it’s already December, the month that brings the most joy and the most stress along with it.  Here in Rome the Christmas lights are hung, trees are popping up in all the piazzas, and the holiday season’s shopping frenzy has begun. We too are feeling the Christmas cheer here at Rome […]

where to eat
Post by our Guests - 20 November 2014
4 Tips for Thanksgiving in Rome

I have so many fond memories of Thanksgiving growing up in southern California. In November, living near the beach meant the weather was likely overcast and chilly, maybe even a little rainy, which for us was justification enough to stay inside and keep warm. Late November ushers in the holiday season starting with Thanksgiving affording us an extra […]

where to eat
Post by our Guests - 12 November 2014
A tourist’s life in Rome

One of the primary reasons to take a vacation in Italy is to engage in its culinary tradition, which is the same reason many people choose to rent an apartment while on vacation: to have a fully equipped and well-stocked kitchen at their disposition where they can test out Italian recipes for themselves. Our dear […]