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8 Places to visit that will make you say “This could only exist in Rome!”

Even for the avid Rome traveler, there are unique places that will make you say “Only in Rome!”. From bizarre museums to architectural optical illusions to a Pope that’s buriedRead More

14 January 2019

City of Rome, where to eat

A Guide to Fine Dining in Rome

If you’re following our blog closely, you’ve already read about many of our favorite restaurants in Rome organized by neighborhood. We tend to hit up the local joints, the placesRead More

6 January 2019

City of Rome

Visiting Etruscan Burial Mounds: Day Trip to Cerveteri

Before the Ancient Roman Empire, the Etruscan civilization was the most prominent and civilized on the Italian peninsula. The current city of Cerveteri is much smaller than the original cityRead More

21 December 2018

City of Rome

Great Running Routes in Rome [MAP]

Every new year brings with it new resolutions. Don’t slow down just because you’re on vacation! Rome is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, so it’s onlyRead More

12 December 2018

What to do in Winter

A spot of tea on a brisk day: Afternoon Tea in Rome

Fancy a cup of tea to warm up in Rome this chilly season? Rome may not be known as a tea capital in Europe and tea time may not beRead More

6 December 2018

City of Rome

Vacation Apartment Highlight: AP10 Vaticano

The Vatican Museums are one of the most visited museum complexes in the world – receiving over 6.4 million visitors in 2017. And for good reason. The Vatican Museums houseRead More

30 November 2018

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Explore the historic Appian Way – on foot, bicycle, or horseback!

As the saying goes All roads lead to Rome…and one of the most famous of those roads is the Appia Antica, or the Appian Way. Finished in 312 B.C. by censor AppiusRead More

26 November 2018

What to do in Winter

Christmas in Trastevere

The holiday spirit in Rome is a cheerful one – all streets, from the palace-lined to the nooks and crannies are usually donned with twinkling garlands, boughs and bows ofRead More

16 November 2018

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A Visit to Italy’s White House: Quirinal Palace

The White House located at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington D.C. is 6 stories and 55,000 sq ft, built at the end of the 18th century. John Adams was theRead More

8 November 2018