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Art and Culture, Tourism, Trevi Fountain

A bridge that crosses the Trevi Fountain

The Trevi Fountain is without a doubt the most iconic monument in Rome, known world-wide. But to maintain it’s beautiful figure, just like a beautiful woman, requires some sacrifice andRead More

30 June 2014

where to eat

Rome Accommodation announces Chef@Home: our trial run

Before coming to live in Rome like many others I had already taken a vacation to the Eternal City. Right away I fell in love with the Art you canRead More

25 June 2014

Art and Culture, Exhibitions

4 Museums with temporary exhibitions in Rome you don’t want to miss

The city of Rome may be in itself a giant museum, but it is still full of some of the world’s most celebrated show rooms displaying globally significant art and artefacts,Read More

25 June 2014

Entertainment, Special events for your holiday in Rome, Sports, Tourism

Where to watch the Brazil 2014 Championship in Rome

Since June 12th for an entire month football fans around the world will enjoy the moment they have awaited for the past 4 years. It’s time for the World Championship,Read More

24 June 2014

where to eat

Tourist-free restaurants in Rome. The Testaccio district. Update!

Update of our last post “TOURIST-FREE RESTAURANTS IN ROME. THE TESTACCIO DISTRICT“ To eat a pizza in Testaccio, I absolutely recommend “Pizzeria Nuovo Mondo”. I went to eat a pizzaRead More

16 June 2014

Art and Culture, Colosseum, Exhibitions, Special events for your holiday in Rome, Tourism

Things to do and see in Rome – the Forum of Augustus, 2000 years later

With a laser show and special visual effects the history of Rome becomes a dramatic spectacle right before your eyes! On a splendid Roman evening I had the opportunity experience a multimediaRead More

13 June 2014

where to eat

Tourist-free restaurants in Rome. The Testaccio district

How can you avoid the “Tourist Trap” Restaurants and taste the authentic Roman kitchen? Come to Testaccio and avoid ugly surprises! Tourists in Rome are often overwhelmed by the enormousRead More

11 June 2014

Public Transport, Tourism

Getting around Rome’s busy streets with public transportation

Rome is a beautiful city with a guarded secret: the lack of an efficient public transport system. Those who come from outside Italy have the greatest difficulty figuring out itsRead More

10 June 2014

Art and Culture, City of Rome, Colosseum, Special events for your holiday in Rome, Tourism

Colosseum Tours … under the open sky until the 1st of November!

Even this year and for the third time, after the successes of the 2012 and 2013 editions, Colosseum by night tours are back, with new illumination and guided tours untilRead More

4 June 2014