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Summer in Rome

The Circus Maximus Rebuilt before your eyes: the Circo Maximo Experience

The Circus Maximus (Circo Massimo in Italian) was a chariot racing stadium from Ancient Rome. Originally built in the 6th century BC, it was the largest stadium used for publicRead More

6 June 2019

Tourist Guides

Take a Day Trip to Nemi this June for the Strawberry Festival

The small town of Nemi overlooks its own private volcanic lake of the same name. The architecture of the town dates back to the end of the Middle Ages toRead More

28 May 2019

Spring in Rome, what to do

June 2nd is Republic Day in Rome

Italian Republic Day is June 2nd every year, and the day is marked by a proud show of green, white, and red especially in the country’s capital city. Known asRead More

20 May 2019

Tourist Guides, what to see

Michelangelo in Rome: Where to Find his Greatest Works [Map]

10Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti was born in Tuscany in 1475 and died in Rome in 1564 at the age of 88. Considered among the greatest artists of all time, MichelangeloRead More

10 May 2019

where to eat

Our guide to Roman Street Food

In Italian the term mangiare passeggiando (eat while walking) isn’t one you hear all that often. It should come as no surprise that Italians prioritize their dining time. So the conceptRead More

4 May 2019

Press Release

Vacation Rental Highlight: AP31 Baullari

Just around the corner from Campo de’ Fiori and across the street from Piazza Navona, there’s a small street called Via dei Baullari, which was home to some trunk makersRead More

30 April 2019

Spring in Rome, Summer in Rome

Our 10 Favorite Terraces in Rome for 2019

 The city of Rome is built on a landscape of 7 famous hills. This hilly landscape has created plenty of spots for mesmerizing panoramic views featuring roofscapes, piazzas, and worldRead More

20 April 2019

Spring in Rome

12 Ways to celebrate Mom in Rome for Mother’s Day 2019

Sunday May 12, 2019 is Mother’s Day across the world, and endearing spouses, children, family and friends will be celebrating mom’s everywhere. So to celebrate, we put together 12 waysRead More

11 April 2019

City of Rome

Visit Rome’s Botanical Garden – Orto Botanico “La Sapienza”

Rome’s Botanical Garden has been officially recognized as an urban garden open to the public since 1883. The gardens span 12 hectares (nearly 30 acres) of lush and exotic vegetationRead More

6 April 2019