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Rubina Ronci
22 September 2015
Cesar’s Forum: discovering ancient Rome with Piero Angela

After the extraordinary success of the Forum of Augustus: 2000 Years Later event last year, this year it will be possible to travel back in time to Ancient Rome with a walk through the Forum of Cesar.

event Imperial Fora 2015

The Imperial Fora with Piero Angela

Through sophisticated special effects the stones and ruins of the Forum will come to life directly in front of you, and it will feel like you have returned to Ancient Rome.

Just like last year the itinerary will be accompanied by Piero Angela’s voice, which will guide you through the discovery of Cesar’s Forum. The voyage begins with the construction, in which 1500 laborers took part, and will then pull you into the living history from the remains of the Temple of Venus. You will find yourself walking through the and columns of the forum where daily life took place, between offices and stores of the Ancient Romans.

Piero Angela illustrates the Forum of Cesar

Piero Angela presents his project

The history of the Cesar’s Forum is inextricably linked to the great Emperor’s life, which you will get to know in more detail through Piero Angela’s narration.

The tour starts on the stairs located close to the Trajan’s Column and passes by the Trajan’s Forum. You will then access a subterranean gallery underneath the via dei Fori Imperiali and reach the Forum of Cesar. The tour is accessible also to the physically impaired.

The journey through the Forum of Augustus as well as the Forum of Cesar have both been promoted through the department of Culture and Tourism, and produced by the company Zetema.

Reconstruction Trajan’s Markets

Watch the reconstruction of Trajan’s Forum through spectacular special effects

Useful Information

The reservation is mandatory, tickets can be bought on the Forum’s ufficial website or by calling (+39) 060608.

Beginning on September 1st the events will take place every day from 20.30 h to 23.50 h (8.30 pm to 11.50 pm) and from October 1st from 19 to 23.40 h (7 pm to 11.40 pm). The tour takes about 50 minuts and start every 20 minutes. Audio guides are available in 8 languages.

If you are interested take a look at our article regarding the Forum of Augustus 2000 Years Later.

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Rubina Ronci
Rubina Ronci
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