Every new year brings with it new resolutions. Don’t slow down just because you’re on vacation! Rome is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, so it’s only natural that it would offer some of the most beautiful running routes as well. From running around the historic center to out in the country along the multi-millenia old Appian Way, a good run through Rome is an experience to remember!

If you’re a marathon runner, don’t miss out on participating in one of the world’s most beautiful marathons as well!

Our Favorite Running Routes in Rome

Villa Borghese

Distance: 4km (2.5mi)

At the heart of the city (literally, Villa Borghese takes the shape of a heart) Villa Borghese is one of a few green spots in the middle of the city. Originally these vast areas were private country villas for important families, today they are municipal parks open to everyone.

The run starts at the park entrance near Piazza del Popolo and the metro stop (A-line) Flaminio. The course then takes you along the park paths to see some of the beautiful fountains, small lakes, and gardens inside the park.

Make it Longer: Villa Borghese is full of beautiful paths going every which way – explore them! We’ve put together a simple loop through the park, but you can extend the route by following the paths further around.

Views of the Colosseum

Distance: 3km (1.8mi)

There are several small parks around the Colosseum that offer different views and perspectives of the ancient amphitheater. Take the metro to the Colosseo stop on the B-line where our route starts. The route travels through the park on the Oppian Hill until it crosses the street through Celio Park (Villa Celimontana) and sweeps around the Colosseum before bringing you back to the starting point.

Make it l0nger: The route takes you through both the Oppian Hill Park and Celio Park (Villa Celimontana), but you can extend the route by exploring more of their paths.

The Appian Way

The ancient Appian Way was one of the main roads that connected Rome to what is today Puglia. Originally used as a military road for conquest of the southern peninsula.

Circus Maximus and the Baths of Caracalla are an easy starting point from the center of Rome, though they are a bit trafficked. But once you pass the first few kilometers, you’ll find yourself in the pleasant countryside of Rome. As you run along the paved path (in some places it’s new pavement while in others it’s ancient stones from the original road), you’ll pass vast open areas as well as ruins from noble villas and important tombs.

This run can be tailored to how much you’d like to run. From the metro stop Circo Massimo to the beginning of the Appian Way Archeological Park, the distance one-way is about 2.5km (1.5mi).

Looking for more routes?

There are so many great running routes around the city that passionate runners have shared. Check out this website for even more great running routes in Rome.

Use our map to follow along while you run!

We’ve loaded our running routes into a handy Google Map for you to follow along while you run!

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Do you have a favorite running route in Rome? Share your ideas in the comments below!

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