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Rubina Ronci
10 March 2016
La Pergola, the best Restaurant in Rome

Rome is not just famous for its historic and artistic beauties, it is also welcomes culinary excellences. In fact, one of the world’s best restaurants can be found here, in our beautiful city – La Pergola. The restaurant, located in the Monte Mario neighborhood, is part of the Hotel Cavalieri Hilton.

Panorama of Rome from La Pergola

The magnificent view of Rome from the restaurant La Pergola


Enjoying a dinner in this restaurant will be a unique and unforgettable experience. First of all, the stunning view will take your breath away as the entire city of Rome will be at your feet. Secondly, the restaurant is decorated with an abundance of prestigious works of art, Italian and international. You can admire the creations of Tiepolo, decorating the entrance, an arras by Aubusson, or candelabra from the 18th century. Other paintings and precious china can be admired as well.

The restaurant La Pergola has been awarded by numerous prices and awards, above all the 3 stars of the Michelin Guide, thanks to which its excellence has become famous in 2005 all over the world.

The restaurant’s manager is the famous German chef Heinz Beck who re-invents traditional Italian dishes, giving them a new culinary twist, paying homage especially to the Roman cuisine.

Heinz Beck manages la Pergola

The German chef Heinz Beck


Let’s take a look at the first-class menu. You can choose between a tasting menu in which the chef has picked his most characteristic dishes, or instead choose your own culinary experience à la carte. Each dish has been carefully thought through down to the very last detail to offer well-balanced flavors, offering satisfaction to the palate while remaining light. The most popular dishes are the Fagottelli “La Pergola”, a reinterpretation of the typical Roman Carbonara, or battered courgette flowers with saffron and caviar, also clearly inspired by the Roman cuisine.

Fagottelli with Carbonara filling

The famous Fagottelli at La Pergola


To make your dinner complete you can choose from a superb selection of wines and water, and an experienced sommelier will help you pick the best drink for your meal.

The prices are obviously not exactly to everyone’s taste, but an experience at La Pergola is beyond doubt a unique experience.

You can reserve your dinner directly visiting the restaurant’s website

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Rubina Ronci
Rubina Ronci

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