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Looking for a good pizzeria in Rome? Typically you’ll find checkered tablecloths or well-worn wooden tables that populate a simple dining room, decorated with family memorabilia or stills from classic Italian films. The unassuming nature of a traditional pizzeria makes it a popular choice among visitors to Rome to enjoy a delicious hot pie without the unnecessary frills. Below we go over a few of the terms you should familiarize yourself with as well as a few of our favorite spots for the best pizzas in town!

Familiarize yourself with a few pizzeria terms

pizza rossa

pizza rossa (red pizza) refers to any pizza with a tomato sauce as a base for the toppings.

pizza bianca

pizza bianca (white pizza) either refers to a traditional pizza with toppings without tomato sauce or a very plain pizza crust with no toppings (thin crust and crunchy, often with just olive oil and rosemary, and sometimes served with salumi like mortadella and prosciutto)


pinsa is a type of pizza, originally from Rome, most notable by its oblong shape. While in terms of toppings the pinsa is comparable to traditional pizza, it differs in its dough preparation and ingredients. Traditional pinsa is made from a mixture of flours (such as unbleached, whole wheat, and soy) and marked by a longer proofing period (even 72 hours) which renders a lighter, more digestable crust. This means you can eat more pinsa and not feel heavy.


palla is your traditional round pizza.

pizza al taglio

Pizza al taglio refers to pizza by the slice. Walking around Rome, you’ll encounter many pizza counters that serve up pizza by the slice, often charged by weight. It’s more typically something found in Rome and southern Italy and less common in the north.

Where do we eat pizza in Rome?

Here are a few of our favorite spots to pick up some pizza to go or sit down for a delicious, low-key lunch or dinner:

Ai Marmi

pizzeria ai marmi

Neighborhood Trastevere

Style Palla

Address Viale di Trastevere, 53


Pizzarium (Bonci)

pizzeria bonci pizzarium

Neighborhood Prati

Style Palla and Al Taglio

Address Via della Meloria, 43


Mercato Centrale

pizzeria mercato centrale termini roma

Neighborhood Termini

Style Palla and Al Taglio

Address Via Giolitti, 36


Forno Campo de’ Fiori

pizzeria antico forno campo de fiori

Neighborhood Campoi de’ Fiori

Style Al Taglio

Address Campo de’ Fiori, 22



pizzeria roscioli

Neighborhood Campo de’ Fiori

Style Palla and Al Taglio

Address Via dei Chiavari 34


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