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what to do
Jonathon - 21 October 2019
Your Guide to Visit the Galleria Borghese in Rome
Tucked away in the expansive Villa Borghese park just north of Rome’s historic center, the Galleria Borghese represents one of the most art-rich galleries in the city. It houses the extensive collection of priceless works collected by the Borghese family over centuries. The building itself was constructed in the 17th century and was considered a […]
what to see
Jonathon - 30 July 2019
Canova in Rome
A new exhibition featuring the masterpieces of famed neoclassical sculptor Antonio Canova is scheduled to open October 9 through March 15, 2020 at Palazzo Braschi. Originally from northern Italy near Venice, he was brought up by his grandfather who was a stonemason and owned a quarry, which introduced the artist to the medium at a […]