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Costaguti Experience

The Costaguti Experience is a luxury accommodation in the heart of Rome. Five bedrooms and 6 baths can accommodate up to 14 guests. The living room and billiard room are decorated with original 16th and 17th century ceiling frescoes. Gilded, vaulted ceilings loom 26 ft high, as was customary for the piano nobile of stately noble Renaissance palaces in Rome.

Press Release
Jonathon - 4 November 2019
Step inside one-of-a-kind homes with Rome Experience
Two years ago we opened the doors to the Costaguti Experience, a noble palace tucked in Rome’s central Jewish neighborhood where modern comforts and luxury amenities are second only to the historical and artistic heritage of the home. About a year later, we began managing Margana Palace, located nearby in an even more secluded piazza […]
Press Release
Jonathon - 18 October 2018
The Costaguti Family and the Righteous Among the Nations
October 16, 1943 is a dark day in the history of Rome. At 5:15 in the morning, SS officers of Germany’s Nazi army stormed the streets of Rome’s Jewish ghetto to round up the innocent civilians and cart them away. First to the Collegio Militare on Via della Lungara across the river and then on […]
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Jonathon - 21 March 2018
Visit Palazzo Doria Pamphilj in Rome
In the heart of Rome on one of the main arteries of the city (Via del Corso), sits one of the most important noble palazzos of the city: Palazzo Doria Pamhilj. It’s hard to believe that this massive palace is still the private residence of the heirs to the Doria Pamphilj patrimony, but the open […]
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Jonathon - 15 February 2018
A Spa Day in Rome: Our 5 Favorite Spa Experiences
There’s nothing quite like a spa day to break up the sight-seeing on a vacation. Escaping from the chaos of the city streets, the honking cars, and the groups of people into a quite oasis of calming lights, soothing water sounds, and herbal tea. What could be better? Below we list 5 of our favorite spa experiences […]
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Jonathon - 23 January 2018
Spending Valentine’s Day in Rome? Here are 3 Ways to Serve the Romance
If you’ll find yourself in Rome for Valentine’s Day, you’re off to a good start to impress your special someone. The Eternal City is full of magical spots to steal a kiss, walk down charming streets holding hands, or candlelit tables for a romantic evening together. Last year we put together a list of our […]
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Jonathon - 15 January 2018
Live the History at these 5 Villas and Noble Residences in Rome
While the historic nobility of Rome may no longer hold the same station they once did, they left their noble legacy behind with their incredible private residences and villas. A trip to Rome isn’t complete without visiting some of these important historic homes. Get the scoop on Villa Medici, Villa Farnesina, Palazzo Doria Pamphilj, Villa Torlonia, […]