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where to eat
Jonathon - 22 November 2016
Our 6 Favorite Vegan Restaurants in Rome
Vegan restaurants may not be located at every corner in Rome, but there are still plenty of options that are visited by locals and tourists alike. Traditional Italian pasta, bread, and pizza would all be off-limits for someone with a vegan or vegetarian diet, but fortunately new restaurants have found ways to cater to all diner preferences while staying true to […]
where to eat
Jonathon - 28 July 2016
Best Restaurants near Piazza di Spagna and the Spanish Steps
There is possibly no neighborhood in Rome that breathes the romantic glamour like Piazza di Spagna, the Spanish Steps and surrounding area. Buildings covered in vines, narrow streets lined with boutiques, young creatives rubbing elbows with seasoned artisans in their workshops. The streets that spiral around the Spanish Steps are ripe with restaurants and bars […]
where to eat
Jonathon - 14 July 2016
Best Restaurants near the Vatican by Locals
  The Vatican and its nearby Prati neightborhood are known by locals as some of the most chic areas of the city, marked by streets lined with prestigious architecture, excellent shopping, and plenty of restaurants. So we put our heads together to bring you our list of the 8 best restaurants near the Vatican and Prati, to guide you […]