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Cristiano Mirandola
13 June 2014
Things to do and see in Rome – the Forum of Augustus, 2000 years later

With a laser show and special visual effects the history of Rome becomes a dramatic spectacle right before your eyes!

The Forum of Augustus - 2000 years later

The Forum of Augustus – 2000 years later

On a splendid Roman evening I had the opportunity experience a multimedia presentation at the Forum of Augustus! It was incredible! Through the use of sophisticated multimedia technologies, such as lights, music, and video, the history of daily life in the forum came to life!

The wall of the Forum, a good 36 meters (118 ft) high, was turned into an enormous screen on which a projector cast beautiful images. Columns, flames, and earthquakes allow you to relive the history of Rome. Well researched and executed, the project was curated by the legendery TV personality Piero Angela and his historical consultant Paco Lanciani – the same creators of the Domus Romane di Palazzo Valentini. The event will take place each evening until September 18, 2014 in a series of three shows.


Here’s all the information you need to know:

When: every evening from April 21st to September 18th, 2014 – 3 shows each night at 9, 10, and 11.

Where: Fori Imperiali – Forum of Augustus – Via Alessandrina which faces the Forum

Tickets: 15€ at the door – reduced price 10€ (<26 y/o, >65 y/o, groups of 10 or more, etc.) – 1€ (<6 y/o)

Each show lasts 45 minutes. Info: tel. +39 060608 –

Where to stay: Casa Vacanze Fori Imperiali – Casa Vacanze Colosseo:


the Forum of Augustus, 2000 years later - The ancient stones come to life right before your eyes!

The ancient stones come to life right before your eyes!

The show is available in 6 languages (Italian, English, French, Spanish, Russian and Japanese), and when I was there the audience was full of Italians! There were hardly no tourists! Evidently the event hasn’t been widely publicized to tourists. So if you’d like to tip your friends off to an exciting and unique evening activity in Rome, share this post with them. 🙂



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Cristiano Mirandola
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