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Rubina Ronci
10 November 2014
What to do in Rome when it Rains

We’re fully in the fall season now which means that the days of warm and sunkissed weather are behind us. Now we enter the time of year when we bundle up and stay indoors to avoid the rain and crazy traffic, but don’t be discouraged. We’re in Rome. Grab your rain boots and a sturdy umbrella and explore what to do in Rome when it rains.

rain-pantheon-oculus - what to do in Rome when it rains

You have to check out the rain that falls in the oculus of the Pantheon!

1- Does the rain get inside the Pantheon?

You may have heard the myth that despite having a large hole in its roof (it’s called an oculus), rain doesn’t enter the interior of the Pantheon. Is it true? You’ll just have to check it out for yourself. Then let us know!

2- Are there any good exhibitions at this time of year?

I’ve spoken many times about the Macro, MAXXI, and the Palazzo delle Esposizioni. This time I’m going to recommend a photography exhibit by Franco Fontana at the Palazzo Incontro located between the Pantheon and the Spanish Steps:

Franco-Fontana-exhibition-palazzo-incontro - What to do in Rome when it rains

Don’t miss the extraordinary Franco Fontana exhibit at the Palazzo Incontro!

The show is as beautiful as the gallery that hosts it. After the tour relax in the cafè on the ground floor. You might be stuck indoors, but it feels like you’re outside with a transparent roof and vertical garden.

3- Which museums are worth a visit other than the most obvious ones?

Keeping with the cultural theme, stay in the same area and head to Palazzo Altemps where you’ll find an incredible collection of ancient art:

4- Where can I find a cosy place to sit and have tea?

After taking in a lot of history and art take a break and indulge in some of the best cupcakes in Rome with a hot tea from Made on Via dei Coronari: Also, all confections are prepared exclusively with organic ingredients!

cupcakes-made-via-dei-coronari - What to do in Rome when it rains

Chic cupcakes and tartlets by Made.

5- Even in Rome, a rainy day is often synonymous with cinema.

You’re in Rome, it’s raining and you’d like to see a good film in it’s original language? Head over to Campo de’ Fiori and check out cinema Farnese where they often show films in their original language with Italian subtitles ( or go back to Via del Corso where you’ll find another great option, cinema Nuovo Olimpia (

6- Take a walk in Rome’s largest indoor market!

To reach it, you’ll need to head a bit outside the historic center toward Piramide (a stop on the metro B). As you exit the metro station, you’ll find Eataly behind you, a place where you can find all kinds of Italian specialty products from small producers all over the country! (

7- Shopping in the rain.

Are you one of those people who can’t resist the need to shop, even when it’s raining? No problem! You don’t need to find an indoor mall outside the city center. Just head to the Galleria Alberto Sordi on Via del Corso where you’ll find all kinds of shops in a beautifully restored gallery:

8- Take in a little spirituality.

Whatever your faith, the churches in Rome always carry a special mystique especially on a rainy day. The most important masses celebrated in English are served in the Churches of San Silvestro, San Giovanni Battista dei Fiorentini and Santa Susanna. For a complete list of visiting hours, visit

9- It’s time to eat! Where should you go?

Of course Rome is full of restaurants and we’ve written a lot in older posts about our favorites in the Monti and Testaccio neighborhoods. But if you’re looking for the right place on a rainy day, I’d recommend the restaurant il Bacaro, in the heart of the historic center. A cosy atmosphere in a warm and intimate space:

10- A walk in Rome in the rain.

If the rain doesn’t keep you inside and you’re well covered with a rain jacket and boots then enjoy a beautiful walk around Rome in the rain. The city will treat you with unforgettable colors, sounds and aromas.

lighting-saint-peter's - What to do in Rome when it rains

I mean, it doesn’t get much better than this…

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