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Where to Park in Rome

Road trips around Italy are becoming more and more common these days with easier and more sophisticated navigation tools.

*When driving in Rome it’s very important that drivers respect the Limited Traffic Zones (known as ZTL). These are areas in the city center that are open only to permitted vehicles, typically residents and transport vehicles. Most zones are regulated only during the day or during the night, so it’s important to be aware of where you are able to drive and where you need to go. Read our post on Limited Traffic Zones to learn more and navigate to an interactive zone map.

Where to Park in Rome

There are several different paid and free options for parking in Rome. It’s important to understand the color coding system in Rome (and throughout Italy) as it differs from that in the United States and abroad.

Free Parking in Rome

White lines on the street indicate free, unmetered parking

White lines on the street indicate free, unmetered parking

Free parking is available in white spaces, indicated by blue painted markings on the street. If the street is not particularly well-maintained, the lines may be quite faint, but jurisdiction still rules even if in cases of poor maintenance.

Paid parking in Rome

Blue lines indicate paid (hourly) parking area, and subject to local rates.

Blue lines indicate paid (hourly) parking area, and subject to local rates.

If you’re traveling from a big American city like New York, San Francisco, or Los Angeles, you’ll probably be pleasantly surprised at how inexpensive parking is (generally) in Rome. However convenient parking garages/locations are few and far between, and there may be special ZTL (limited traffic zones) limitations to consider.

For street parking, paid spaces are indicated by blue lines painted on the street. Parking is paid by meters located on the curb, and while they theoretically accept card payments this functionality is often out of service. It’s best to keep a few Euros with you whenever you’ll need to pay for parking.

***Pay for street parking by app: MyCicero is a relatively new app that allows drivers to pay for parking through the app. There are a few steps for setting up the app and connecting a credit card or paypal account, but once connected it is quite convenient. Download App. ***

Parking Garages in Rome

There are several parking garages located in the center of Rome which is the safest overnight parking option. Parking garages often feature surveillance or physical security and typically covered to protect your vehicle from the elements. When selecting a parking garage option, there are a few factors to consider:

  • Rates depend on the type of vehicle. Large and luxury vehicles incur higher overnight parking rates because they may require special parking spots.
  • Not all parking garages are open 24 hours and offer in/out privileges. It’s best to check with the individual garage to confirm.

Here are a few online resources for selecting the best parking garage to suit your needs, online booking, and understanding ZTL limitations:




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Tips for Parking your Car in Rome

Depending on where you’re coming from, there are a few special considerations when parking in Rome.

Remove all valuables

Rome is a very safe city in terms of personal crime but unfortunately it’s not too uncommon for cars to be broken into, even just to steal a closed gym bag or a navigator. Make sure to take everything with you whenever possible, and never leave bags or luggage in the trunk – even if they are covered. If your car is broken into, the next step is to make a report with the police authority, but chances are they won’t be able to do much.

Be careful of low carriages

Some garages have ramps that lead to underground parking lots. If you’re driving a sports car with a low carriage (or have a very well-packed, heavy car) you may experience issues entering the parking garage. In these cases, it may be most prudent to choose a parking garage on street level.

Take note of the garage’s phone number before leaving your car

When you leave your car for overnight parking, you’ll be given a receipt and likely a business card with contact information. But it’s always best to double check this information or even better, obtain a private number of a parking attendant, in case you need to contact the parking garage. It’s not uncommon that business cards or letterhead will have outdated or disconnected phone numbers on them, so in the event you need to extend or modify your parking reservation, it’s best to make sure you have valid contact information.

Navigation Apps

If you’ll be driving around Rome (or Italy) we’ve listed a few of our favorite navigation apps to prepare for your trip.

TomTom (no wifi necessary!)

If you’re saving on your international data plan, then TomTom is a terrific app that indicates multiple routes to your desired destination, traffic, gas stations and service areas, and speed checking cameras. Maps are downloaded onto your device and the maps use simple GPS tracking (instead of wifi) to guide you through the often complicated labyrinth of Italy’s roads.

Download App


The Waze app prides itself on being constantly updated by real drivers driving the roads that it suggests you take, so detours and road closures (a common site in Italy) are theoretically more up-to-date.

Download App

Google Maps

Good ol’ Google Maps are another good option for getting around Rome and Italy in general.

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4 Answers
  • Avatar Aamer Amin says:

    I am planning to travel to Venice, Rome and Milan in last week of October, 2019 with family. We are five adults. What will be best places to park car near/around Venice, Rome and Milan for free or low price. We will take public transport or local trains to visit city centres for a day each city.

    • Rubina Ronci Rubina Ronci says:

      Hello Aamer,
      as for Rome, I suggest you to park your car outside the city centre. You can find some large car parks near Termini train station and near Ostiense train station (this last one is cheaper than the ones in Termini).
      I’m sorry but I can’t help you with Venice and Milan.

      If you are looking for an accommodation in Rome, let us know!

      Enjoy your trip!

  • Avatar Deirdre says:

    I am wondering if you could suggest somewhere cheap to park that will let me in and out during the 24hr closby to the mecante palace hotel

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